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Vitamin C Mango With Zinc Chewable Tablets, Immunity Booster & Antioxidant - Tablets

Vitamin C Mango With Zinc Chewable Tablets, Immunity Booster & Antioxidant - Tablets

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Key Benefits

  • Immune System Support
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Promotes Skin Health
  • Prevents Chronic Ailments
  • Allergy Relief

Vitamin C with Zinc and Mango Powder is a powerful antioxidant and immunity booster for men, women, and kids. Vitamin C promotes good health and healthy hair and nails. These vitamin C and zinc tablets are fantastic options for improving the health of your immune system and general health. These tablets assist in the maintenance of healthy bones, strong nails, good skin, and strong hair, among other things. The fact that these chewable vitamin C tablets are high in antioxidants means that they are also beneficial for your general health. It is preferable to store these tablets in a cold, dry environment to preserve the nutrients contained inside.

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Vitamin C Mango With Zinc Chewable Tablets, Immunity Booster & Antioxidant - Tablets

Rs. 209

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Customer Reviews

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How long should I take these tablets to see results?

Results can vary depending on factors like individual health and consistency of use. Some effects might be noticed over time.

Can these tablets prevent me from getting sick?

While they may support immune health, they can't guarantee prevention of illnesses.

Are there any age restrictions for using these tablets?

Age recommendations can vary. Some products are formulated for adults, while others are suitable for children.

What's the difference between natural and synthetic vitamin C in these tablets?

Natural vitamin C is derived from plant sources, while synthetic vitamin C is made in a laboratory. Both can be effective, but preferences may vary.

Can I cut or crush these tablets if I have trouble chewing them?

Check the product instructions. Some chewable tablets can be cut or crushed, but others may not be suitable for this.

Do these tablets provide energy or help with fatigue?

While vitamin C and zinc are involved in energy metabolism, these tablets are not typically used as energy supplements.

Can I take these tablets with a multivitamin?

Check with a healthcare provider to ensure there are no nutrient imbalances or interactions.

Are there any restrictions on how often I can take these tablets?

Follow the recommended dosage instructions on the packaging. Taking excessive amounts can be harmful.

Do these tablets help with wound healing?

Zinc is known to support wound healing and immune function. These tablets might contribute to these processes.

Can I take these tablets while fasting?

If you're fasting, it's best to consult with a healthcare provider about supplement use during fasting periods.